Do you sometimes (or often) put off showing publicly your work? Maybe because you feel your work just isn’t perfect yet? Or that the timing just isn’t right (according to you)? Or you’re simply afraid of what other people will think?

I know that feeling. 

Being a recovering perfectionist and having a professional background in strategic planning, I’ve always had an annoying tendency to wait for every little piece of the puzzle to be exactly in the right place before making a move.

That was then. But this year, everything changed… 

I finally decided to tell the world (or at least my network) that I was launching my website and coincidently The Artist Entrepreneur Network.

The truth is, I wasn’t ready at all (according to my standards).

But I thought, if I don’t do it now, there’ll never be a right time. I’m a wife, mother of two young children and owner of two other businesses, the right time was never going to come… :-) And I wanted to start connecting with artists again so badly, I just couldn’t wait.

What happened next absolutely blew my mind. 

You, and so many other artists, welcomed me into your lives with open and loving arms. 

I truly could not believe it. Everyday, artists from around the world were signing up to my email list, joining the Network and liking my Facebook page. Artists like you, most of whom I had never met, but who had a deep desire to live out their life purpose and get recognition + sales for their work.

When I first had the idea of creating The Artist Entrepreneur, I wanted to empower artists and help them create a plan to have a career they would be proud of. Today, I see that idea unfolding and becoming a reality.

Watch out because today, I’m ready and this is what I did for you.

Like I said earlier, I kind of launched with many ideas in my mind but no exact path to follow for what was going to happen next. 

So I listened to what you had to say: your hopes, your fears, your questions.

And I came up with two things 1) A plan and 2)The 7 Step Guide to Building Your Art Business + Career.

This Guide is my gift to you, to thank you for being so present and engaged.

I hope this Guide will arouse controversy, start a conversation and, most of all, get you one step closer to the Art Business + Career you want. 

I’m committed to helping you grow and have that art career you always knew you were meant to have by becoming a kick-ass entrepreneur. 


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