Hey there artrepreneur!

Whether it’s doing media interviews or when I’m just jamming with artists over on The Artist Entrepreneur Network, I am frequently asked (not always in these exact words) what core principles can make or break an art business.

Although it’d be easy to rattle off an answer like: you need a website, a good portfolio, and a healthy email list, my approach to answering this question is nothing like that.

I feel that there is more than one path to success, and simply talking about “marketing tactics” to ensure you reach your goals would be a very simplistic answer.

Honestly answering the following three questions (even if it hurts) is, in my very humble opinion, much more telling and will give you a better sense of what you need to do to take your art business to the next level, whatever that next level means for you.

Question #1: Are you ready to focus?

This means you’re going to have to say no, often. No to opportunities, no to people (yes, even family), no to new exciting ideas, no to parties, or no to (insert that thing that always distracts you from your goal). Being a savvy entrepreneur is as much about seizing opportunities as it is about letting go of what doesn’t serve you. By letting go, you can focus on what will move the needle in your business and get you closer to your ultimate goal.

Question #2: Are you ready to take action consistently?

Of course you are! I’m sure you are already taking action and that you are maybe even triggered by the fact that I’m asking this question. But are you taking the right actions, AND more importantly, are you taking action outside of your comfort zone? Because if you are simply doing the same thing you’ve always done and aren’t getting the results you want, then maybe it’s time to change your strategy.

Success takes time and comes in many shapes and forms. Whatever strategy you are using to grow your business, you’ll start seeing results only if you consistently show up in your business, day-in, day-out, whether you feel like it or not. I know there are a lot of “online gurus” out there who will tell you to do what “feels good.” But do the things you try for the first time ever “feel good?” Usually not, right? First, you have to get used to them, build strong habits around them, and see results before they’ll start “feeling good.” And it’s those who are willing to go through that uneasy phase and keep their eye on the ball who ultimately make it. Read any artist biography out there – they all state this very simple concept, but in different words.

Question #3: Are you ready to invest in your business?

Whether it’s money, time, or energy, your business needs you and your investment. I’m all about “lean start-up” models, but there’s a limit to what you can achieve and how much you can grow if you aren’t willing to invest. I know investing is scary, but it’s part of the mindset work required if you actually want to grow anything.

So, where do you stand? If you’ve answered YES to these 3 questions, then I’d love to have a conversation with you!

I’m presently opening 3 spots in my 1-on-1 programs for driven creatives and artists who want to find balance in their personal and professional lives, honor their deep commitment to creating art, and grow their revenue and profitability like never before.

I’ve haven’t opened private consulting spots to my community for over a year now. That’s because I’ve been booked solid thanks to the amazing artists who have reached out and trusted me to help them become smart CEOs of their art businesses. It’s been incredible watching their successes.

When you start working with me 1-on-1, I become your business partner – helping you find the balance between discerning business owner and passionate creative. I learn each facet of your business, inside and out. And as your business partner, I am fully committed to your personal and financial success.

What if you…

… felt free to dream about growing your business as big as you possibly could – knowing you could make it a reality?

… could spend as much time in the studio as you wanted to, producing work from your heart and soul?

… were confident about creating and leveraging your marketing strategy?

… had scalable, integrated systems to increase your sales and income?

… achieved enough success to leave that day job that you hate?

… stopped running at everyone else’s beck and call, and finally stepped into the CEO role your business has been waiting for?

Is this what YOU want? Then I’m exactly the person YOU need!

If YOU are a talented creative yearning to grow a profitable business…

If YOU are committed to taking consistent action and open to receiving honest, no-nonsense feedback to support your business growth…

If YOU are willing to challenge your fears, get out of your comfort zone, and try new things to get results…

If YOU are DONE trying to reinvent the wheel, and want proven strategies to move you forward into your zone of genius…

… then I want to have a conversation with YOU.

There are several ways that we can work together 1-on-1, I’ve got packages that can fit any budget!

So, whether you are overwhelmed with #allthethings you “should” be doing to grow your business or ready to step up your game and take on the leadership role in your business, then please fill out an application to work with me and let’s have a conversation. 

Wait, what? I have to fill out what?!

How do I know if I’m the right fit for you?

If you are interested but unsure, the best way to figure it out is to fill out an application  so we can have an open and honest conversation about you, your business, and your goals.

Spots for these programs are limited because my 1-on-1 clients have my full attention. I only accept clients for whom I know I can make a difference. If I don’t feel completely confident about being able to support you and help you get results, I won’t waste your time or money. Working with me 1-on-1 must be a win-win partnership for both of us! 

You can ask anyone who’s ever gotten on the phone with me, these calls are not meant to pressure you into working with me. We assess your current situation and see if working together will be a good fit for you. And if they aren’t, I’m going to tell you and refer you to something or someone I think could be a better fit for you.

Dear artrepreneur, can we please stop waiting around for the “perfect timing” and make that leap already?!?!

Go ahead, fill out an application and let’s make magic happen together… You know you want to. ;-)


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