Hey there Artrepreneurs!

Did you join me and over 200 artists last week when I did a Facebook live video on The Artist Entrepreneur Network and shared my top productivity tips? If you missed it, check out the replay here.

There was a general consensus amongst the group that we all want to spend more time doing what we love (in many cases that was creating art) and less time doing things that drain our energy…

…And social media came up (more than once) as something that really drains our energy!

Do you agree?

We’ve all, at some point or another, fallen into the trap of spending way too much time scrolling through our Facebook or Instagram feed for absolutely no reason or purpose whatsoever, and then ended up upset because we’d lost all this time accomplishing absolutely nothing.

There’s no shame in admitting this. I’ve done it, my clients have done it, and I’m not sure I would believe you if you said it’s never happened to you!

If we don’t use social media as a way to help us reach our goals, it can often leave us feeling empty and isolated, rather than bringing us closer together as per its initial purpose.

So what should we do? We all know that social media is a great tool that gives us the opportunity to connect with our audience, but at the same time, we all want to spend less time on it.

In today’s post I want to share 3 strategies to help you spend less time on social media, while continuing to build your creative business in an effective way.

1. Meet people in real life and build genuine connections

Did we all forget that there are people right outside our door that could become buyers of our work? I feel like we’ve all been focusing so much on social media lately that we have forgotten that there are people, in our community, who could become either clients or strategic partners for our business and who could help us grow our reach.

It does require getting out of your comfort zone and getting in front of people you don’t know, but the results are always meaningful.

Think about your end game: who do you want to sell your art to? who can help you reach more people? Identify organizations and events in your community that you can join to network with these people. Focus on meeting one new person at a time and you’ll notice huge progress in your business!

2. Reach out to media, bloggers and influencers to be featured on their platforms

Getting press for you and your work is a great way to build your credibility and increase your visibility. And it’s easier than you might think. It only requires a good dose of commitment and research to find the right people to connect with and the right story to share with them.

Getting featured on blogs, podcasts and media that pertain to your ideal client will generate traffic to your website and ultimately, get you sales.

3. Use social media purposefully

I don’t want to make social media the evil here because I know firsthand how great a tool it can be, if you use it the right way. We all have some work to do in disciplining ourselves in the way we use it.

Do we let social media take over our lives, or do we leverage social media to reach our goals? Of course, we all want the latter. Whether it’s by using a timer to control how much time we spend on each platform, decluttering the number of pages, groups or people we follow or simply allowing ourselves a couple of days off social media every week to focus on other things, we are all responsible for using technology in a way that serves us, not the other way around.

Saying that social media is not going away is probably the understatement of the century! But we don’t have to be victims of it. Yes, platforms change, algorithms may decrease our visibility, and people’s needs evolve, but if we want our businesses to keep growing over the long run, it’s our job as entrepreneurs to evolve with these changes.

We can either complain about it or embrace it. Again, I choose the latter.

How are you managing social media for your creative business and what additional tips do you have for us to find balance with it all?

Let us know in the comments below, or join the artist community The Artist Entrepreneur Network over on Facebook!

Can’t wait to read you!


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