How’s summer treating you so far? Are you feeling good about your business, or is the stress of trying to make it all work getting to you – even through the fun and the sun?

I don’t want to make things worse…  but have you noticed that we are halfway through 2017?! It’s already the middle of July! Yes, already!

So let me ask you this: How confident are you that your business will be successful in the second half of the year? Do you have a plan for how, when, and where your sales goals will unfold over the next 6 months?

… I can see you making faces at your screen right now, or simply shaking your head.

… I can hear you telling me apologetically, “I have no idea, Catherine!”

… I can feel your discouragement.

Can you trust me when I say it doesn’t have to be that way?

Meeting your sales goals doesn’t have to be depressing or stressful. It can be exciting and uplifting to plan where, when, and with whom your next sale will happen.

And not only can making a sales plan be a positive experience, the outcome of fulfilling someone’s need with one of your own special pieces can feel incredibly rewarding!

Wouldn’t that feel good?

As we head into the second half of 2017, I’d like for you to do some serious planning so that you end this year excited about your accomplishments and don’t end up just wishing and hoping like you did at the end of last year.

By planning, I mean that I want you to ask yourself some tough questions to help get you from where you are now to where you want to be on December 31st.

Wanna try? Then let’s do this!

Question #1: What do you have to sell?

Have you properly identified and catalogued what you have for sale right now? If your intention is to make a good (not just okay) living with your art, you not only need to start tracking inventory, but you also need to develop products and services that fit with your revenue goals and clients’ interests.

Question #2: How much do you want to make?

What are the good, better, and best case scenarios when it comes to selling your art this year? Look at your sales numbers and compare them with your inventory and production capacity, the prices you are asking, and the number of sales you need to achieve your goals.

Does your system make sense? If so, then set yourself some sales goals. If not, do your research! Look at what other artists are selling, what price point they are selling at, and how they are marketing themselves.

Question #3: Who’s going to buy your work?

Now that you know what you have to sell and how much you want to sell it for, it’s time to find your buyers! Look at your network and sales channels. What’s working? What isn’t? How can you strengthen the relationships you already have? How can you expand your network and find those ideal collectors that will become raving fans of your work? Make sure that who you are, what you do, and who you are selling to all fit together in a cohesive message.

Question #4: Where can you show and sell your work?

Whether you’re displaying your work online or offline, the more it is seen the better the chances are that you will make sales. Brainstorm and get creative about how to put yourself out there. Some ideas will work, others won’t. That’s ok, you’re building and learning as you go.

Building a business is not about guessing and hoping—it’s about developing strategies, consistently putting yourself out there to implement those strategies, and then tweaking and pivoting until you get it just right. And then rinse and repeat!

Also remember that you have to open yourself up to others if you want your business to work… You can’t just keep hiding in your studio. Always keep in mind that buyers and collectors are people too, and they love getting to know you! :-)

So, what are your goals for the next 6 months? Leave a comment below, we’d all love to hear from you!]

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my upcoming fall projects (there’s exciting stuff in the works!!!) and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I’ll be giving you a sneak peek soon, so be sure to stay tuned!


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