(Note: this is part three of a three part series on growing your audience. Click here to read the first installment and here to read the second!)

Hello artrepreneur!

If you’ve been following along with the last two articles, you’ll know that I’ve been publishing a series on different strategies for growing your audience and increasing engagement.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for every creative entrepreneur to pay attention to this part of their business.

Yes — it’s possible for a previously unknown artist to suddenly find themselves the center of attention after a post on Facebook or Reddit or some other platform suddenly goes viral. But, truthfully, it’s very unlikely.

Don’t wait around to be “discovered”… get yourself out there by creating a marketing strategy and then pat yourself on the back when all your hard work pays off!

Use partnership opportunities to reach new people

This method can be used concurrently with the other methods, or on its own. It’s actually my favorite way to grow your audience because it doesn’t cost much and it’s a wonderful way to learn about your ideal collector and how others are growing their brands!

Partnership opportunities are everywhere. You might work with influencers, create an artists group with other creatives and cross-promote everyone’s content, participate in a group giveaway, collaborate with others to create new products… the possibilities for this are nearly endless!

Working with influencers or well-known brands can be done any number of ways.

One of my clients ended up working with an independent filmmaker, who featured some of her artwork in their movie. Another client, who creates Zen artwork, collaborates with other entrepreneurs who focus on clean, minimalist, mindful living – attracting yogis into her audience.

You might consider doing a “take over” on Instagram, where you post your content to the influencer’s stories for a day. You could even go so far as to have them take over your stories as well! Or host a Q&A for the influencer’s audience about why you do what you do and how you work.

Before proposing a partnership, take some time to consider what you bring to the table.

How does your artwork (or creative product) benefit your potential partner’s audience, and why is the partnership a good fit? What ideas do you have for what your collaboration might look like? And what are the benefits and end goal, both for you and your partner?

If you find yourself struggling with self-worth and worry about the value you have to add, then I recommend that you read my post on "How do you find buyers for your art". 

While you’re looking for opportunities to promote your work, don’t forget about plain old PR…

Have a good press release in your backpocket and reach out to local news organizations, magazines, and other media organizations to see if what you have to offer and what they need might be a good fit. On your end, that might be an unique and interesting story for their publication, willingness to share your expertise in an interview or a self-written article, or an agreement to do some sort of creative work for them.

Remember that many of these collaborations only manifest after you’ve invested some time in the relationship. As long as you’re willing to make it a win-win for everyone, partnerships have lots of potential and can help you grow your audience very quickly!

I hope this series has been useful for you. If you missed part one, about growing your audience organically, or part two, about when you should start paying to attract new fans, make sure you go back and read those for some other great tips.

If you could pick any influencer or brand, what would your dream partnership look like, and what would the outcome be? Let me know in the comments!


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