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Is it Spring Yet? 5 Ideas to Help you Bring Some Sunshine Into Your Art Business

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Is it Spring Yet? 5 Ideas to Help you Bring Some Sunshine Into Your Art Business

This blog was also published on The Huffington Post

Spring officially arrived last a few days ago, but where I live, we still have to put on winter boots, scarves and hats before going out, and by the looks of it, we’re going to have them on for a couple more weeks...

But I’m not going to let the weather come between me, my business and... my spring cleaning, and neither should you!

I don’t know what it is about us humans, but every year, as soon as we hit mid-march, we collectively seem to get an urge to clean. Maybe it’s our body telling us to soak in as much sunlight as it’s humanly possible, by cleaning as many windows as we can! Whatever the reason, it feels so good!

But all this activity is not just for the home, it should also be a practice for our businesses as well! And while I was doing my own cleaning, I thought of you and how I could help and motivate you to start YOUR “Business Spring Cleaning”.

So here it goes: 5 suggestions to start the new season on a high note!

1) Clean up your studio and set up a comfortable spot to work on your business

Working on a kitchen counter is neither ideal nor productive because it distracts you from your main focus by reminding you of everything that needs to get to get done around the house. Find a corner in your home or studio that you enjoy and make it your own by surrounding it with pictures, books and objects that mean something to you. Show your workspace some loving so sitting down to work on the business side of things doesn’t make you want to run the other way! Every time you’lI step into your office, you’ll feel like you’re exactly where you should be. If you want to spend more time and be more efficient building your art business, make sure you are setting yourself up for success and it all starts with creating a space you’ll truly enjoy working in.

2) Get organized
Confession time: I’m really bad at everything related to administrative work, accounting, taxes... If you can name it, I probably hate it! But this year, things are taking a different tangent. Instead of waiting for the last minute to get my paperwork together, I’ve decided to set up systems once and for all to make it more fun (or at least less painful) to get it all done. You know the saying “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body”, well that also applies to your business. Get your paperwork in order and set up systems that will make it easier to perform your administrative and financial tasks in the future. The return on your (time) investment will no doubt be well worth the effort.

3) Set your Q2 Goals
The first quarter of the year is almost behind us. So, how are the goals you had set for yourself at the beginning of the year coming along? Now’s not the time to find excuses for why you didn’t reach your goals or procrastinated. You should rather take this time to look back on the first 3 months of 2016, assess what worked and what didn’t and set three realistic and measurable goals for the next 90 days. Once you’ve done that, break down each goal in bitesize action items that you’ll plug into your calendar. No more excuses necessary.

4) Commit to networking at least once a month
Selling is all about building and nurturing relationships, you know that already. But what are you really doing to create new relationships? Sure, social media is great, but nothing beats an actual face to face “meet and greet” where people get to know you and discover what you and your art are all about. This probably means you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone, but you know I’m right... Right? Think about who you want to reach with your art, figure out where they hang out and show up!

5) Find an accountability partner
Being an Artrepreneur has its perks but it can also be very lonely. Your “buddies” Overwhelmed and Isolated have no business in your art business! Find someone you can trust and who will tell it to you like it is when you need it. Then commit to being accountable to each other. Even if you only meet once a month for 30 minutes over the phone, you’ll soon see the many benefits of having someone keeping you on the level when things aren’t rolling as well as you’d like. Connecting with another entrepreneur will no doubt give you a new sense of purpose and you will also help you gain a different perspective, one that might help you down the road as you grow your art business.

Here’s your opportunity to start fresh! Take it, embrace it and commit to it!

What are you going to do during this second quarter to turn your art business around?


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