What would it feel like to be the artist you truly desire to be while becoming the business person you never new was inside of you?

Let me explain…

You adore your art, and you believe in its impact. You crave deepening your craft and sharing that beauty with the world but creating that entails PR, marketing and sales skills you never learned in art school. You are well aware that talent and grit are not the only things it takes to make it. Strategy is king and that’s exactly what is missing from your grand plan.



  • Building a large social media following

  • Being published in influential places

  • Receiving grants for your work

  • Increasing sales

  • Securing artist residences in sought after positions

  • Creating different streams of income

  • Building your art business on your terms with your bespoke marketing and success plan

This is not just wishing thinking these are results our clients have created in our work together!



  • You have a solid body of work and are looking to transition or shift your focus!

  • You are looking to secure your place on the map in the ever changing art market!

  • You feel bogged down by the business side of things and feel your artist persona slipping!

  • You are feeling lost in the midst of online galleries and dynamic shifts in representation and the valuing of your work!

  • You are ready for a new challenge, more revenue and more recognition!



  • You are not willing to roll up your sleeves and dig into new methods and strategies.

  • You are not open to hearing honest feedback about what can work better in your business.

  • You are not committed to diving in and working hard to get unstuck.


But, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels and doing the same old thing day in and day out, if you’re ready to dig in, work hard, have fun, and realize your dream - then yes, this program is for you!

It is possible to create the freedom within your business.



… felt free to dream as big of a business as you could possibly could - knowing you could make it a reality? 

… could spend as much time in the studio as you wanted to, producing work from your heart and soul?

… were confident about creating and leveraging your social media strategy?


… had scalable, integrated marketing systems to increase your sales and income? 

… were able to hone your message for success every time? 

… had experts you could rely on to give you the right advice? 

… knew exactly how to grow your business and attract fans and clients? 

… experienced the excitement of putting it “out there,” without any doubt you’d see results!

… could relax, knowing you have a business partner rooting for you?

… achieved enough success to make life just a little easier, or enough success to leave your day job? 

… stopped running at everyone else’s beck and call, and finally stepped into the CEO role your business has been waiting for?

Is this what you want?



It’s time to take you from where you currently are to where you belong.

Together we create a Big Vision Plan which will help you see and understand what is possible, where to focus your attention and what direction to work towards.

From there we engineer your fully customized step by step strategy of how to get you gaining success, momentum and recognition without selling out or becoming one of the masses.

You see, I cherish the individuality of each of my artists and their unique bodies of work as much as they do, yet I bring the skills and know how of my years of expertise to pick up where you feel you leave off,

So together we can create the magic it takes to build your success!



If you are a talented and ambitious artist; photographer; pottery maker; fashion, graphic, or interior designer; jewelry maker; or any other type of amazing and inspiring creative yearning to grow a profitable business… 

If you’re committed to taking consistent action and open to receiving honest, no-nonsense feedback to support your business growth… 

If you’re willing to challenge your fears, get out of your comfort zone, and try new things to get results…

If you’re DONE trying to reinvent the wheel, and want proven strategies to move you forward into your zone of ge nius…  



** Spaces are limited for the private coaching programs. 

Wait… Application?! How do I know I’m the right fit for you?

If you are interested but unsure about the program, please fill out the application so we can have an open and honest conversation about you, your business, and your goals. Spots for this program are limited because program participants have my full attention. I’m only accepting clients for whom I know I can make a difference.If I don’t feel completely confident about being able to support you and get results, I won’t waste your time or money! Working with me 1-on-1 must be a win-win partnership for each of us! 



Sometimes all you need to get back on track and reach you new heights in your business is 75 minutes with a coach/consultant who has your best interest at heart!

You can now book single sessions with Catherine!



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Christy Sverre.jpg

"Catherine was recommended to me when I started looking for some career advice and guidance for visual artists. I am so glad I contacted her! Catherine is not only a wonderful person but she is an expert in her field. She has exceeded my expectations! With Catherine’s guidance I got more shows, press and YES sales than I thought possible! It's unusual that you find someone who understands the business of art, but also the artists themselves.  She goes out of her way to help and really wants her clients to succeed! I cannot recommend her enough!" - Sima Schloss, Artist at simaschloss.com


"Working with Art Business coach, Catherine Orer for the last four months has been great. For four months I had a business partner who I could confer with, ask questions at any time, and even get my newsletters polished. The monthly Skype sessions were always full of good information. The pre-session questionnaires made me think about my business in a clear way. These will now be a part of my monthly routine as they keep me aware of my accomplishments and actions and hold me accountable in a way I've never been before. She is gracious, funny, easy to talk to and I can wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking for a business partner to guide you in your quest for success." - Christy Sverre, Artist at christysverre.com


"Right from the very first consultation, I knew that Catherine would be the right person to guide and encourage me in achieving my career goals. And in the last six months, I've achieved so much more than I could have ever anticipated. I was able to work from a solid business plan including short, medium and long term goals that could be broken down into realistic achievable targets.Catherine's true expertise lies in her understanding of marketing and PR in terms to the arts. She has been invaluable in teaching me how to grow my online presence and to connect with the right people through the use of simple social media strategies. And I actually spend more time now than ever before making art. She has that wonderful ability of providing the right balance of positive encouragement, practical support and honest feedback that is essential when you are experiencing the ups and downs of becoming a professional artist." - Adam James Butcher, Artist at adamjamesbutcher.com


"It’s incredible when you find a person to work with who knows exactly how to guide you in the direction you want to go. As an artist managing my own business, It’s been a real challenge figuring out how to move forward — but then I found Catherine! With her background, and passion for championing creatives, I knew she had the inside insight into the moves I needed to make, as well as an understanding of who I needed to communicate with and how.  I’ve made strides in building my business in ways I would have never come up with by myself, and have watched my audience almost triple over the last 3 months of working with her. Now I have a clear actionable plan for the next year, and I am excited follow the road map that I developed with Catherine’s help.  The work we’ve done together has shown me the big picture of all the ways I can engage with my audience — which included a lot of missed opportunities I wasn’t taking. Now I can see ways to not only improve my reach, but to do it more efficiently, so I’m not bogged down in busy work, spinning my wheels. I’m so grateful for all of the focused expertise — working with Catherine has made all the difference to me."  —Christina Empedocles, Smartly Art + Personal Finance


"Being a painter involves not only the traditional way of working in the studio, it also means looking after your visibility, recognition and selling your work. Catherine helped me understand all the mechanisms of this dynamic. Her profound knowledge of public relations, communications and visual arts make her a valuable ally to artists. Just like a studio and quality materials are essential tools to carry out a work of art, Catherine proves to be the business partner all artists should consult. Thank you Catherine, I look forward to working with you again!" - Carol Bernier, Artist at carolbernier.com

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“Thank you so much, Catherine! This has been such a helpful experience. I’ve been trying to teach myself all of this stuff for years without anybody to talk to who actually knows what they’re doing. Having an actual expert be able to look at what I’m doing and give real, experience based feedback has been so incredible and I’m really excited to move forward with everything I’ve learned.” - Elizabeth Shanahan, Artist @ elizabethshanahan.com