You’ve got real talent.

Your art makes you feel alive and purposeful.

You have spent many years and invested plenty of money to learn new skills, master your craft and stand apart from every one else.

But you STILL are not where you want to be.

Your life’s mission will not be fulfilled if no one knows you exist and the only place your art is seen is sitting and waiting in the studio. 


You want to create.

You want to stop hiding and playing small.

But you sometimes wonder if it’s even possible for you.

You crave success, recognition, and real interest in what you do, not fits and spurts of growth that leave you right where you started... surrounded by your beautiful pieces, but no buyers.

And then you start to wonder... Why is this just not working?

You are lit up by making beautiful things, not by hustling and pitching like a sleazy salesman. And you are definitely not inspired to create art when you are struggling to build a business, because you don't have the right tools or strategy.

But if you don’t learn the business side of getting your work out into the world, your dream will wait in the studio alongside your supplies!

What's missing?

  • Your own unique strategy and plan for success.
  • Consistent execution that drives results
  • Accountability and support to keep you on track for continuous growth

It’s time to shift your mindset and step into your dream creative business.

You have a vision and mission, and by learning how to make real connections, market your work, and sell, you can bring your big dreams to fruition.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

Earning money from what you do is a beautiful gift and the byproduct of your hard work and incredible talent.

It’s time to throw out that ‘starving artist mindset’ and get you and your magic out in the world for people to enjoy!

Maybe you learned your skills in art school. Or maybe you are self-taught. Regardless, you still have no idea how to promote, market, and sell yourself, because no one taught you that part!

Now it’s time to take your knowledge to the next level and master the part of being a successful artist you haven't learned yet.

  • The Artist Entrepreneur Skills
  • The Art of Authentic Selling
  • The Keys to Fans, Collectors, and Building A Network
  • The Secrets to an Online Presence
  • The Path to Gallery Representation

I am Catherine, Business + PR Strategist for artists and creatives, and Founder of The Artist Entrepreneur.

And I understand YOU!

I know:

  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed by the business aspect of your career.

  • You have tried it on your own, but it just led to more confusion and a feeling of defeat.

  • You often wonder if you will ever make it as an artist or if all of those naysayers will be right about you.

  • You are ready to grow your art into something sustainable and that has an impact on the world, but you just don’t know how.

I believe:

  • Artists are an essential component of any healthy society.

  • It is our social responsibility to support them and an important component of the legacy we will be leaving future generations.

  • Creating a successful art business can be fun, creative, and exciting.

  • With the right plan and strategy, success is inevitable.

I am on a mission to create a collective of artists who can set out in the world with their beautiful creations, and have the impact they desire while earning a living from their passion.

I created The Artist Entrepreneur LAB to help artists reclaim their power and realize their dreams by shifting the paradigm between creativity and sales.

It is time you receive the kudos, the attention, and the commissions you deserve as you continue to create and bring more beauty back into this fast-paced world.

Amber Sophia_leftaligned_light gray.jpg

What is The Artist Entrepreneur LAB all about?


In a nutshell, The LAB is a community that combines trainings teaching you how to build a successful creative business, with a community of artists who - just like you - are ready to take their business to the next level and hold you accountable.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by everything you "should be doing” to sell your art, you are going to L.O.V.E. The LAB because not only will you learn the ins and outs of building your business, but you’ll also get support to implement everything you’ve learned (something I’ve noticed is always missing in most online programs).

So what do you get when you sign up?

  • Lifetime access to all the trainings in the Membership Library on topics such as finding your target audience, determining your pricing strategy, building an audience, online selling, social media, PR, getting gallery representation, and more! (Over 20 hours of trainings available and new ones added on a regular basis)

  • Bi-monthly mastermind coaching calls (live + recorded)

  • Weekly live office hours and accountability threads

  • My personal feedback and all your questions answered in our exclusive, members-only, Facebook group

  • Quarterly goal setting and sales planning workshops

  • Templates, cheat-sheets, and other bonuses on an ongoing basis to make it as simple as possible for you to follow through. No excuses!

But that’s not all! You also get these bonuses...

  • Members-only Facebook group + community

  • Lifetime access to my self-study program “The Bootcamp” (worth $147 USD)

  • The chance to win a one-on-one session with me every month

  • The opportunity to connect with an accountability partner that will keep you aligned with your goals

  • Guest expert trainings on topics such as personal finances, licensing your art and many more to come!

What will you be learning in The LAB? 

The LAB framework follows “The Artist Entrepreneur Strategy Blueprint,” a path which covers the 5 steps that will lead you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

  • Getting clear on your vision

  • Setting and reaching your revenue goals

  • Documenting your art

  • Developing your pricing strategy

  • Pinpointing your target collector

  • Nailing down your sales channels



  • Building your brand and brand promise

  • Crafting a compelling artist bio and statement

  • Integrating website essentials

  • Planning your marketing without feeling overwhelmed

  • Growing your audience through compelling content

  • Connecting on social media

  • Networking strategies that work for you

  • Connecting with the press

  • Working with influencers to promote you and your work

  • Growing your email list to sell more online

  • Writing sales emails that feel good and get you results

  • Learning how to sell without feeling like a sell-out

  • Planning your own successful show

  • Exploring new streams of income

  • Getting representation and building new partnerships

  • Leveraging and scaling your art business

  • Learning advertising strategies that work for artists

My goal is to help you:


Get crystal clear on your vision and then plan and strategize for the business of your dreams. 

Execute your plan flawlessly so you keep your momentum and don't waste time on things that don't get you results.

Keep a strong and positive mindset about your work, your business, and sales, so you don't burn out and can maintain a sustainable business that will bring you joy + income in the long-term.

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Let's recap...

The "CLASSIC" version of The LAB

You get...

  • Lifetime access to a all the trainings in the Membership Library

  • Bi-monthly mastermind coaching calls

  • Weekly accountability threads

  • Live office hours with me

  • My personal feedback and all your questions answered in the Facebook group

  • Quarterly goal setting and sales planning workshops

  • Templates and cheat-sheets

  • Lifetime access to my self-study program “The Bootcamp”

  • The chance to win a one-on-one session with me every month

  • The opportunity to connect with an accountability partner that will keep you aligned with your goals

  • Guest expert trainings!

The "PLATINUM" version of The LAB!

You get...

  • Lifetime access to a all the trainings in the Membership Library

  • Bi-monthly mastermind coaching calls

  • Weekly accountability threads

  • Live office hours with me

  • My personal feedback and all your questions answered in the Facebook group

  • Quarterly goal setting and sales planning workshops

  • Templates and cheat-sheets

  • Lifetime access to my self-study program “The Bootcamp”

  • The chance to win a one-on-one session with me every month

  • The opportunity to connect with an accountability partner that will keep you aligned with your goals

  • Guest expert trainings!


3 x 75 min. one-on-one sessions with me to be used throughout 2017 to plan your next move, brainstorm ideas, and make sure you are executing properly.

(A value of over $1,000 USD)


The LAB is your unique opportunity to receive personalized attention while getting support from a community of artists who totally understand what you are going through, which are both key to breaking through the fear and overwhelm.

The best part of The Lab is that I get to know each artist and their work, allowing me to give direct and customized feedback that fits your unique selling point, experience and vision. 

Due to the nature of this semi-private group program and our regular mastermind Q&A sessions, you, the members, will set the pace and tempo of The LAB.

If some of you are ready to accelerate your pace on some topics, that will be our focus. 

If others need more training in other areas, I provide that extra level of support so that not only is no one left behind, but we can see the group rise together as a whole. 

I'm taking every artist from where they are at RIGHT NOW, and providing the support they need to succeed at the next level.

I know you have doubts, and I truly understand them.

I work with artists every day, helping them understand their brand so they can not only create a real business from their art, but can get even clearer on what they offer to the world. They gain confidence and understand how to bring that to the negotiating table and into their studio.

Imagine knowing your business from the inside out so well that you can create more with complete confidence your pieces will sell!

Imagine how it would feel to be recognized and accepted as the artist and entrepreneur you want to be!

Imagine creating enough income to build and grow a team, enabling you to focus solely on your art!

You are ready for so much more. It’s time to choose yourself and give the world the priceless gift of what you create.

Join us and set your business on fire.

I can't wait to get started!


Don’t take my word for it, here’s what others who’ve been there have to say…

MariaHelenaPacelli_rightaligned_dark gray.jpg



If you are a visual artist who want to grow your business, then the answer is simple: The LAB is for you. It doesn’t really matter what your experience is, because you’ll get to work at your own pace and learn from my experience of working in the art market and the experiences of others. Because The LAB is an intimate group of artists, we'll be working on a plan that is unique to you.


Before I answer this question, may I ask you something? I know you are busy, but are you getting results? Being busy has nothing to do with success. If you want to get results in your art business, then yes, you will need to invest time, that's for sure. But my goal is to help you work better, not harder.


That’s the great part of The LAB! Because it’s an intimate group, I’ll be able to personalize it as we go and really answer your needs. If you are just getting started selling your art, then I’ll set you up with the basics. If you already have an art business and want to take it to the next level, then I’ll challenge you to set more challenging goals for yourself.


Well, for starters, there is no other program out there offered by me, so that answers that. :-) Kidding aside, if you are committed, the combination of trainings, accountability, and group mastermind calls make it almost impossible for you to fail. 

Not only will you learn the skills, but you will also get support to implement what you’ve learned and stay consistent in your business, which makes this program truly unique.


That really depends on you and the focus and the energy you are willing to put into the program. Building an art business + career isn’t rocket science, ok? You can do this, and I am here to help you. You will get results if you refuse to let circumstances get in the way of your success, if you decide that this is non-negotiable, and that you will make it happen. That's how you will get results.

Here are some of the results dedicated LAB members have gotten: 

  • Developed a following on social media
  • Increased prices and getting more sales
  • Obtained gallery representation
  • Gained media coverage
  • Got a solo show 
  • Built a collector base


There will be "techie" stuff, such as social media, building an email list, and working on your web presence, but I assure you that my job is to keep it as simple and effective as possible for you so you can concentrate on doing what you really love: creating your art. We'll work on putting systems and habits in place so that it doesn't become overwhelming and ensure that you will follow-through long after you've completed the program.


I doubt that will be the case, but if you do feel that The LAB isn’t getting you any results, then you can reach out and ask for My "No-artist-is-left-behind" Guarantee.

When you join The LAB, you get me as your business partner. And as your business partner, if there is one thing I’m fully committed to, it’s your success. 

Upon joining The LAB, the first thing I’m going to ask you is what is your top desired outcome. If you go through a full month of The LAB, show up for the strategic planning workshops and group mastermind calls, complete all the material, and actually take action in your art business and still aren’t seeing any movement towards your desired outcome, then I will personally get on the phone with you for 30 minutes to assess what is going on, what needs adjustment and what your next steps are.

When joining The LAB, you also get a new business partner that makes sure you stay on track and get results!

Still not sure if The LAB is right for you?  Reach out to me by email or in the The Artist Entrepreneur Network, I'll be happy to answer all your questions. Let's make sure you make an informed decision for you and your art business.