Bienvenue! Welcome!

Are you tired of being stuck in your art business + career? 

✔️ You know you are ready for so much more! You have a vision: spending more time in the studio, earning more income, having a bigger impact, and making stronger connections.

✔️ You know that talent and grit alone are not enough to reach your goals.

✔️ You know you need a solid strategy and consistent support to implement that strategy.

Say no more, I'm here to help!

It’s time to stop thinking that selling is bad.

It’s time to stop hoping you’ll get that art career you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s time to step up, and step out of your comfort zone.

If you are willing to put in the work and be consistent, then let me help you step into the CEO role your business needs!

I created this FREE "Pop-Up" training series for you!

Hi, I’m Catherine, Business + PR Strategist and fairy godmother to artists and creatives. I help you develop solid business strategies and so you can have a creative business that fulfills you personally and financially.

I’ve helped artists:

:: Create their sales and pricing strategy

:: Develop and launch their artist website

:: Build a raving fan base on social media

:: Get solo shows in professional art galleries

:: Plan creative retreats and other events

:: Get grants

:: Obtain media coverage and get published

I truly believe that it's all about being focused and consistent with your creative work AND your business. 

Doing what you love full time shouldn’t be a far off dream, this can be your reality too (I know, I did it). But it won't happen without confidence and a plan first (I know I did it). At 25, I left my corporate job and sold my house to go study art history in Paris. I came back with a diploma from Christie's Education Paris and hands-on experience working on the art market in Europe. I started working in an art gallery and met and worked with wonderful artists. Working with artists has always been very dear to me. I do what I love and I'm sincerely committed to helping, pushing and being your #1 fan.

What are these "Pop-Up" trainings all about?

Before we get into the trainings, have you downloaded my new "From Artisan to CEO: The 5-Step Blueprint to Growing Your Creative Business"? If you haven't, that is definitely your first step and you can do it, by clicking here.

Now, about the trainings... Over the next few weeks, I'll be offering a series of exclusive and fun “Pop-Up Trainings” based on what you learned in my Blueprint.

Not only will I go deeper and give you concrete examples of what works and what doesn't to shorten your learning curve, but I’ll also share with you additional strategies and tips that I did not include in the Blueprint.

So whether you are overwhelmed by the content of my Blueprint or feel like you are ready to take on a bigger challenge, join me for these free “Pop-Up Trainings” over on The Artist Entrepreneur Facebook Group.

Here are the dates and times for the upcoming training series:

  • Thursday Nov. 3 @ 12PM
  • Friday Nov. 4 @ 11AM
  • Monday Nov. 7 @ 2PM
  • Wednesday Nov. 9 @ 1PM
  • Friday Nov. 11 @ 12PM

And don’t worry if the times don’t fit with you busy schedule, you’ll always have access to the replays on the Facebook Group.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side. <3

With love, Catherine