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PODCAST | with Tory Dube

If you are a creative who is NOT adequately compensated for your brilliance - this episode is for you.

In this episode, Tory Dube and Catherine talk about the reality check artists need, the steps you can take to make your creative life your financial reality, how to keep up your creative work while maintaining your business, and so much more!

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PODCAST | with Jeremiah Krage

This was a fantastic conversation just chock-full of practical, actionable strategies that you can use to help move your creative career forward. We cover a fantastic range of topics including:

The importance of identifying your core values as an artist, how these values can help you to then identify and connect with, and even sell to, your ideal audience, the importance of educating your audience, and so much more.

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PODCAST | with Christina Scalera & Reina Pomeroy

Joining Reina and Christina, Catherine talks about how branding your business as an artist will help you in the art market.

She also discusses how a regular journaling practice can help an artist, or any creative entrepreneur, gain clarity for sharing with your audience. The trio chat about pricing and Catherine shares about how incorporating a discount into your pricing strategy can be beneficial.

more press

more press

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ARTICLES | The Huffington Post

I am a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Articles include “5 Ways Artists And Creatives Can Get Over Their Fear Of Selling”, “You Only Need These 3 Things to Make a Living Selling Your Art”, and “4 Things Artists Can Learn From My Experience at Miami Art Week”.

To see more articles for artist entrepreneurs, head over to the Huffington Post.

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ARTICLE | Colored Pencil Magazine

ARE YOU READY TO GO PRO? In the July issue, Catherine Orer founder of The Artist Entrepreneur has stopped by to give you 6 steps to get you started! 

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PODCAST | with Yuri Cataldo

In this episode of Advance your Art, Catherine and Yuri talk about the reason artist’s shouldn’t hide from money.

Tune in to hear about ways to talk about money, how to sell your art, and how to get started selling your art.

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PODCAST | with Jessica Watchorn

Other people expect to be paid for their work, and to pay for the work of others. Just because artists enjoy their work doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get paid for it. Even if your talents are a gift they’re still a gift you had to work long and hard to develop.

Tune into this podcast episode to hear about the mindset every artist entrepreneur needs, why aretists make excellent entrepreneurs and how the art market is different, and so much more.

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PODCAST | with Alexis Fedor

For every artist working on building a more visible presence for your business, this discussion will inspire you and leave you with the practical tips you need to begin seeing results!

Tune into this podcast episode to get Catherine’s practical tips to expand your brand for your business with your art.

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PODCAST | with

Most people falsely believe there is only one path to success. They believe there’s a secret formula they can learn to become successful. They believe the people who’ve made it are all part of a secret club.

Tune into this episode and learn that there are more paths to success, about the importance of gratitude, and on finding a supportive community for yourself.

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ARTICLE | YFS Magazine

In this article, Catherine shares 3 of the best things she ever did to grow her startup, and why her first entrepreneurial efforts left her with a big case of financial insecurity and impostor syndrome - and what helped her change the situation around.