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Welcome to The Artist Entrepreneur Shop!

Artists are a unique breed in the business world – you’re offering something made from your head, hands, and heart, born out of your creativity. And as such, you need tools and training that are directly applicable to your situation and your business!

I’m not here to sell you another never ending online course that you’ll never finish and feel guilty about. (Hello, this isn’t 2012!!!) 

No, my dear artist friend, what you’ll find here are real, actionable, and easy to digest trainings, tools, and support to help you where you need it most in your art business. These toolkits were designed to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed with #allthethings you *should* be doing to get the results you want.

Take a look around and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We here at The Artist Entrepreneur headquarters would love to hear from you! 

Finding Your Niche and Connecting with the Right Audience Toolkit


Facebook + Instagram + Email = Growing Your Art Business


Branding and Pricing Your Art for the High-End Market Toolkit


GET IT ALL! The Art Business Booster Bundle!


Getting More Clients to Say YES! and Selling without Feeling Like A Sell Out