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The Art Business Booster Bundle



  • ALL FOUR 75 minute workshops on Finding Your Niche, Branding + Pricing, Selling, and Social media + Email Marketing.

  • ALL FOUR 60 minute audio Q&A recording done with real artists who have the same challenges as you! Listen to this audio while working in the studio or during your commute.

  • ALL FOUR printable worksheets to support you in the implementation of the concepts taught in the workshop.

  • ALL FOUR printable 10-point checklists that will guide you through each of your next steps so you don’t feel confused or overwhelmed about what you should be doing next

  • ALL FOUR exclusive audio interviews with industry experts


  • How to establish the foundations of your business and set yourself up for success

  • A strategic framework to identify your niche, and connect + sell to your ideal collectors

  • Best practices and tools to build your confidence when it comes to selling… Because we all

  • have to sell!

  • How to use social media and email marketing to actually make sales (not just build a fan club)

  • How to position yourself high-end and price yourself accordingly

  • A strategic framework to create and share content without feeling overwhelmed

  • The 10-steps you’ll need to implement in your art business to get results

  • Mindset tips to keep moving forward in your art business and connect with the right people

  • Feedback from real artists who have questions just like you

  • Insight from professionals who know the art market... and so much more!


Why choose just one when you can get all 4 Toolkits and supercharge every aspect of your art business for successful Artist Entrepreneurship? Get practical advice and tools to get clear on your “ideal collector,” build your brand and a pricing strategy that fits your business model, grow your fan base and community, and learn how to sell without feeling like a sell out — all in one package! Sound too good to be true? No need to pinch yourself — this bundle and a totally fresh perspective on your art business are just one click away! Ready to work with your new business partner (aka The Artist Entrepreneur) and reach new heights in your art biz? We’re all ready for you!


"In order to learn more about the marketing side of art, I decided to sign up for The Bootcamp. Best decision I ever made! I followed the outline and in just a few months I noticed amazing results! The followers on my art page quadrupled, people signed up on my website, I networked with other artists at shows (which led to me participating in shows I did not even know about) and most importantly sold more art than ever on and offline, (even got my first commission). Thank you so much, Catherine! You inspired me to explore the unknown and push my boundaries! " - Sylvia Larkin, Artist

Catherine's message on how to focus my plan and be consistent with my habits is such great advice for any entrepreneur. I now have specifics and details on how to move forward with my art business. I learned so much from her in just one session. I’m feeling very motivated and inspired. Thank you very much Catherine, I’m lucky to have connected with you!” — Tracy Armstrong, Artist