Do you often feel like you’ll never make it as an “artrepreneur”?

Way too many hours guiltily scrolling through other artists’ sites and social media platforms, wondering how on earth they figured this all out?

You are ready to get your act together and be both the artist you know you are, as well as a successful business owner you want to be.

But  you just don’t know where to start

Well, you are in the right place!


 Here’s the good news:

~In today’s hyper connected world where technology provides everything you need to manage your business, you no longer need to have a gallery representing you, you can promote and sell your work all by yourself.

~ You can develop a sustainable collector base by building meaningful relationships with the right key people and getting visibility for you and your work.

Hey there! I'm Catherine Orer, Business and PR Strategist for Artists and Creatives (AKA the works-around-and-gets-it-done-Fairy-God-Mother.) I know the art market and I understand artists. After years of working in the art world, I’ve condensed all of my key knowledge in a 5-day bootcamp so you can develop your plan and start building that art business you always dreamed of.

Introducing the Artist Entrepreneur Bootcamp

A 5-part simplified program to help you boost your art business + career

Whether you are just getting started or want to take your art business to the next level, we will work together over a period of 5 days and help you achieve your business goals this year.

What do you get when you sign up?

1.     Daily emails where I tackle hot topics to help you build your art business + career

2.     Daily video workshops and worksheets with action items to ensure you get things done

3.     Lifetime access to my private Artist Entrepreneur Workshops Facebook Group.

4.     Lifetime access to all the materials (workshops and worksheets included) of the Bootcamp. This means you can take your time to go through the material, and benefit from any upgrades I do over time.

Basically, you leave this 5-part program with a straight-forward action plan and a bunch of tools to make it easy and fun to execute.

What will we cover during The Artist Entrepreneur Bootcamp?


On DAY 1 you’ll learn:

  • To set your goals and actually reach them
  • To master task management (not time management)
  • To stop procrastinating and start doing






On DAY 2, you’ll learn:

  • To identify your target market
  • To get clear on your brand values and proposition
  • The dos and don’t of an artist bio and statement


On DAY 3, you’ll learn:

  • To tweak your website to finally start selling
  • The dos and don’t of highly performing social media profiles 
  • To increase engagement on social media





On DAY 4, you’ll learn:

  • To leverage my tips to get published and get media coverage
  • To draft the perfect media pitch 
  • To use live networking to your advantage


On DAY 5, you’ll learn:

  • The essentials of email marketing
  • To start powerful conversations through email and turn them into sales
  • To leverage launches and systematically offer value


And I've got bonuses!


During the BONUS WORKSHOP, you’ll learn:

  • To stay consistent to get results
  • To reduce overwhelm by outsourcing
  • The importance of measuring progress and put your energy where you get results



More bonuses!

By joining today, you are getting access to a complete set of exclusive templates, check-lists and cheat-sheets that I don’t give out on my website (yours to copy and use as many times as you wish!)

  • My Goal Setting Template
  • My Ideal Collector Cheat Sheet
  • My Ultimate Website Content Checklist
  • My Social Media Cheat Sheet
  • My Keeping Track of the media Cheat Sheet
  • My Media Pitch Template
  • My Set-Up Your MailChimp Account Cheat Sheet

Regular price for The Artist Entrepreneur Bootcamp is usually $147 USD, but for thisFlash sale, you can get it all for...


Why am I offering my services at such a low price? 

Because I want to make it as easy and as affordable as possible for artists who provide such value to society to get their names out there and make a difference. 

You have at your disposal everything to succeed. 

You just need a little help from someone who knows the market and understands artists.

And that’s exactly what I want to do for you!

Imagine what your art business + career could look like in a year?

Imagine knowing where you want to go and actually having a roadmap to get there?

Ready to take it to the next level? 


How do I know if this Program is really suited for me?

If you are visual artist with a solid body of work and want to grow your business, then the answer is, this Program is for you. It doesn’t really matter what your experience is, because you’ll get to work at your own pace and create a plan that works for you.

What if I’m not available every day to go through The Bootcamp materials?

That’s the great part of The Bootcamp! You get lifetime access to the workshops, worksheets and all the material so you get to decide the pace you want to set for yourself and your art business.

How is this program different from all the other online offers out there?

Well, for starters, there is no other self-study program offered by me, so that answers that. :-)

What results can I expect?

That really depends on you and the focus and the energy you are willing to put into The Bootcamp, and most importantly, after The Bootcamp. Because The Bootcamp is just the beginning! This is not rocket science ok, you can do this and I am here to help you. You will get results if you refuse to let circumstances get into the way of your success, if you decide that this is non negociable and that you will make it happen. Those will get you results. And my consistent presence on the private Facebook Group makes it very difficult for you to hide. 

Some of those results can include:

  • Developing a following on social media
  • Increasing your sales
  • Getting new representation
  • Obtaining media coverage
  • Building a collector base

What if I'm not too good with computers and "techie" stuff?

There will be "techie" stuff, such as social media, building an email list, and working on your web presence but I assure you that my job is to keep it as simple and effective as possible for you so you can concentrate on doing what you really love: creating your art. We'll work on putting systems and habits in place so that it doesn't become overwhelming and ensure that you will follow-through long after you've completed the Program.


"In order to learn more about the marketing side of art, I decided to sign up for The Bootcamp. Best decision I ever made! I followed the outline and in just a few months I noticed amazing results! The followers on my art page quadrupled, people signed up on my website, I networked with other artists at shows (which led to me participating in shows I did not even know about) and most importantly sold more art than ever on and offline, (even got my first commission). Thank you so much, Catherine! You inspired me to explore the unknown and push my boundaries! " - Sylvia Larkin, Artist
Catherine's message on how to focus my plan and be consistent with my habits is such great advice for any entrepreneur. I now have specifics and details on how to move forward with my art business. I learned so much from her in just one session. I’m feeling very motivated and inspired. Thank you very much Catherine, I’m lucky to have connected with you! — Tracy Armstrong, Artist
"Great thanks to Catherine for sharing her art industry and marketing wisdom! I've felt stuck in some rather limiting life circumstances, but Catherine gave me the insight I needed to keep moving forward. She helped me understand what art collectors are looking for, and how connecting with them regularly makes a difference. She even gave me a number of ideas to carry out, again explaining exactly why each step is so important in gaining exposure and trust. Hit her up - she's got oodles of insight to share!” - Mellie Rose Test, Artist