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Spending your days in the studio with little to no visibility or sales is not an art career, it’s a one-way ticket to losing your creativity, your drive and ultimately, your passion.

You know your life’s purpose, and that purpose is to make an impact, change lives and connect with others.

The good news is that success is closer than you think and it is beautiful!

Let’s stop thinking that promoting yourself is bad for your art and that starving is good. It’s not. Success fuels your creativity and gives you the energy and validation to do more and better.

So what’s keeping you from that success? You need a plan and you need to follow-through on that plan. 

Ready to grow?

"Catherine was incredibly prepared for our discussion and started right off with things I could improve on with my website, etc. all to bring me more traffic and improve my mailing list numbers. My main focus for the call was to discuss ideas around drumming up P.R. for myself and she was filled with innovative and wonderful suggestions tailored right for my work and audience. The time went by fast and I had TONS of notes by the time it was over! I've been able to implement the things she suggested and have a plan to implement the P.R. strategies we discussed. Catherine even emailed me some other ideas she'd come up with the next morning! I was very impressed at how invested she was and how much she cared. Her suggestions weren't just for ANYONE, they were specific to me and my goals. I highly recommend her services." - Megan Carty, Artist at

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"Catherine’s customized approach was exactly what I needed.  She provided me with actionable ideas that I had never considered that proved to be new revenue streams. The first two months of a unique workshop that I created is almost full, which doubles my instruction income with half the time and effort invested.  I have more time and resources to create my own original artwork for galleries and exhibitions. Most importantly, I now have a flexible strategic and tactical plan which keeps me focused on my goals. Catherine is responsive, knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic, and fun to work with.  I recommend her to any artist who is serious about increasing his/her art business." - Norma Torti, Artist at


Copy of Strategic Business + Career Coaching

Copy of Strategic Business + Career Coaching

What would it feel like to achieve the art career you’ve always wanted, while accessing the acute business sense you never knew was inside of you?

You understand what makes great artwork, but running a successful business is more challenging. You crave the fulfillment of sharing your work and artistic vision with the world, but successfully doing so requires using public relations, marketing, and sales skills that you were never taught in school.

You are well aware that a successful business cannot be built on talent and grit alone.

Picture results like:

  • Building a large social media following
  • Being featured in influential publications
  • Receiving grants to support your work
  • Increasing your number of sales
  • Setting up a team to support / grow your business
  • Securing artist representation in sought after galleries
  • Creating different streams of income
  • Building your art business on your terms, with your bespoke marketing and success plan

This is not just wishful thinking — these are results our clients have achieved with their art businesses. How? By combining your creativity with our strategic talents, we establish exactly where you are, where you want to go, and what you need to do to get there. 


Copy of Marketing Consulting Services

Copy of Marketing Consulting Services

Maybe you know exactly what needs to get done to take your business to the next level, but you simply don’t have the time, interest, or capacity to do it all.

If that’s the case, you need to surround yourself with the best talents in the industry to give your business the boost it needs.

Whether it’s a marketing plan to grow your business, graphic design work for an upcoming exhibition, or copywriting and content support to persuade your audience and build credibility, every member of our team is ready to help. We understand the art market and are ready to work diligently to help you achieve better results.

Among the services we offer:

  • Strategic Planning / Annual business marketing plans
  • Branding and graphic design
  • Social media strategy and execution support
  • Copywriting and editing
  • PR campaign strategy
  • Event planning



The Artist Entrepreneur LAB

Artists go from underpaid and unknown to up and running with this exclusive incubator.

The LAB is a membership community that combines business skills training with a supportive, creative community of other artists just like you, who are ready to take their art businesses to the next level and hold you accountable to your dreams.

You crave success, recognition, and genuine interest in what you do, not fits and spurts of growth, only to land right back where you started, surrounded by your beautiful pieces but with no buyers in sight.

Why is your business just not working? You need: TRAINING + ACCOUNTABILITY + COMMUNITY and that’s exactly what The LAB has to offer!



The Artist Entrepreneur Toolkits

Artists are a unique breed in the business world – you’re offering something made from your head, hands, and heart, shaped and birthed out of your creativity. And as such, you need tools and training that are directly applicable to your situation and your business!

We’re not here to sell you another never-ending online course that you won’t finish and will feel guilty about. (Hello, this isn’t 2012!!!) 

No, my dear artist friend, what you’ll find here are real, actionable, and easy to digest trainings, tools, and support to help you where you need it most in your art business. These toolkits were designed to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed with #allthethings you *should* be doing to get the results you want.