You’ve got real talent.

Your art makes you feel alive and fully on purpose.

You know you are not like the rest and your art and drive makes that very clear.

You have spent many years and countless amounts of money to hone your skill, master your craft and stand apart from all of the others.

But you STILL are not where you want to be.

Your passion cannot be fuelled by your art if the art is not selling.

Your life’s mission of making the world more beautiful will not be fulfilled if no one knows you exist and the only place your art is seen in sitting waiting in the studio.

Plain and Simple.

You want to create.

To stop playing small and treating your dreams like a side hobby.

You sometimes wonder if it’s even possible for you.

You crave success, recognition and real interest in what you do, not fits and spurts of growth to land right back where you started, surrounded by your beautiful pieces, but no buyers.

Why is this just not working?

Because you are a creative. You are lit up by making beautiful things, not by hustling and pitching like a sleazy salesman without a strategy or a clue as to how to build a sustainable art business.

Yet if you don’t learn the business side of getting your work out into the world, the dream will sit waiting in the studio alongside your supplies!

What is missing?





It’s time to shift your mindset and step into your dream business.

You have a vision and mission and by learning how to monetize, market and make real connections you can bring your big dreams into fruition and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Earning money from what you do is a beautiful gift and the by product of your hard work and incredible talent.

It’s time we throw out that ‘starving artist idea’ and get you and your magic out in the world for people to enjoy!

Maybe you learned your skill in art school or maybe you are self-taught.

Yet you still have no idea how to sell, market and promote because no one taught you that part!

Now it’s time to take your knowledge to the next level and master the part of being a successful artist you didn’t learn yet.

The Artist Entrepreneur Skills

The Art of Authentic Selling

The Keys to Fans, Collectors and Building A Network

The Secrets to an Online Presence

The Path to Gallery Representation

A Clear Roadmap to follow, surrounded by support and accountability and finally the Recognition + Sales you’ve been striving for.

Introducing The Artist Entrepreneur Lab

an exclusive incubator to take you from Underpaid and Unknown to Up and Running in your Art business.

I am Catherine, Business + PR Strategist for professional visual artists, and Founder of The Artist Entrepreneur and I understand YOU.

I know:

  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed by the business aspect of your career.

  • You have tried it on your own, but it just lead to more confusion and a feeling of defeat.

  • Many days you are starting to wonder if you will ever make it as an artist or if all of those naysayers will be right about you.

  • You are ready to grow your art into something sustainable to impact the world, but you just don’t know how.

I believe:

  • Artists are an essential component of any healthy society.

  • It is our social responsibility to support them and an important component of the legacy we will be leaving future generations.

  • Creating a successful art career can be fun, creative and exciting.

  • With the right plan and strategy, success is inevitable.

I am on a mission to create a collective of artists who set out in the world with their beautiful creations and have the impact they desire while earning a living from their passion.

I created the Artist Entrepreneur Lab to give the power back to the artist to create this dream and to shift the paradigm between creativity and sales.

It is time you receive the kudos, the attention and the commission you deserve as you continue to create and bring more beauty back into this fast paced world.



In a nutshell, the LAB is a monthly membership community that combines trainings (that teach you how to build a successful art business + career) with a creative community of artists who, just like you, are ready to take their art business to the next level and hold you accountable.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by everything “you should be doing” to sell your art, you are going to L.O.V.E. the LAB because not only will you learn the in’s and out’s of building your business, but you’ll also get support to implement everything you’ve learned (something I’ve noticed is always missing in online programs).

So what do you get when you sign-up?

  • Unlimited Monthly Access to Step-by-Step Trainings & Workbooks (new trainings every month)

  • Bi-monthly mastermind coaching calls (live + recorded)

  • My personal feedback and support on all the work you submit

  • Weekly accountability and support

  • Members-Only Facebook Group + community

  • Templates, cheat-sheets and other bonuses on an ongoing basis to make it as simple as possible for you to follow-through. No excuses!

That’s not all! You also get..

  • Lifetime access to my self-study program “The Bootcamp” (worth $147 USD)

  • The chance to win a one-on-one session with me every month

  • The opportunity to connect with an accountability partner that will keep you aligned with your goals

The LAB is your unique opportunity to receive personalized attention while getting support from a community of artists who totally understand what you are going through, which are both key to breaking through the fear and overwhelm.

The best part of the lab is that I get to know each artist and their work to give direct and customized feedback that fits your unique selling point, experience and vision. 

Due to the nature of this semi-private group program and with our regular mastermind Q&A sessions, you, the members, will set the pace and tempo of the LAB.

If some of you are ready to proceed at an accelerated pace on some parts, that will be our focus. 

If others need more support in other areas, I will provide that extra level so not only is no one left behind, but we will watch the group as a collective rise together. 

I'm taking every artist where they are at RIGHT NOW and taking them to their next level.

Doors to The Artist Entrepreneur LAB are presently closed and will reopen in September 2016

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what others who’ve been there  have to say…

Amber Sophia.jpeg

"Working with Catherine has been game-changing for me as an artist. She guided me through the scary dark corners of the business side of the art world. Now I find myself ready to take new risks and represent myself with more confidence. Catherine not only proved her knowledge of the art market, but she understands how we as artists think, which made the learning curve much less intimidating. I will continue to look to Catherine as my art career grows and matures. Thank you, Catherine!" - Amber Sophia

"I am a professional artist, an oil painter. I have recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Catherine Orer. If you feel your art business could do with a kick start, a recharge, and solid directions to your next destination, Catherine is your woman. On offer is a professional but highly personable approach, clear advice, and realistic strategies to progress your art career to the next level. Catherine is an amazing communicator, and the message she delivers is direct from the art world, tailored to today's artist. Working with Catherine this year was the best decision I could have made for myself and my art business." - Elisabeth Howlett

"You delivered so much more than I was expecting. I thought I was signing up for a course that would help me develop my business as an artist, but I also got a community, and some amazing sources of inspiration to pursue my actual artwork. The community you have built is unlike any other artistic community I've been part of because it unites the dream of being an artist with the dream of being financial independent. I cannot thank you enough for this program, the foundation I have set with you has given me the momentum to build for years to come, and most of all, has given me confidence that my dreams are worth pursuing! I'm now taking strategic and calculated risks and people around me are noticing that I am more creative and pursuing my passions. That means a lot to me, and while I'm practicing giving myself credit for my work, I also have you to thank for your expertise and guidance along the way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Maria-Helena Pacelli

"Catherine, I have to say is an amazing yet very down to earth person. With the skills and background in communications and PR, she has helped me push myself and now thousands of other visual artists forward into our own careers. As an artist I've always struggled with staying on top long enough to get noticed as a professional. Now she continues putting time and dedication towards guiding us as a group as well as on a one on one basis. Teaching us in the areas where we would most lack as well as building our confidence both on and offline. The Academy she has carefully designed for us, puts you on the right track. Learning through research, tips and even the workbooks along with her live online classes will help strengthen you as a professional and gain the knowledge for the road ahead." - Sarah Maurer

"Catherine, this has been the most positive experience I have had in a way of learning in my whole life!!! I am nearly speechless! I have moved out of my comfort zone with your support, guidance and compassion. My fear is so much less right now, I know I can do anything, because of what I have learned from you and fellow students! Thank you so much. You are compassionate, smart and funny person and I admire you!!" - Linda Lenich

Catherine is known for her generosity and thorough listening! An investment that is worth gold! It's so difficult to find help and appropriate resources in the art world to help us develop a plan to move in the right direction and promote ourselves. Working with Catherine was a springboard for me, she gave me the tools, confidence and motivation to continually push my own boundaries.” - Anne-Marie Beauregard