Spending your days in the studio with little to no visibility or sales is not an art career, it’s a one-way ticket to losing your creativity, your drive and ultimately, your passion.

You know your life’s purpose, and that purpose is to make an impact, change lives and connect with others.

The good news is that success is closer than you think and it is beautiful!

Let’s stop thinking that promoting yourself is bad for your art and that starving is good. It’s not. Success fuels your creativity and gives you the energy and validation to do more and better.

So what’s keeping you from that success? You need a plan and you need to follow-through on that plan. 

I’m Catherine and I help passion-driven artists like you develop a road map and stick to it, while giving them the confidence and tools they need to get the success they want.

Together, we establish exactly where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. 

Whether you want my on-going support or prefer to do it on your own (with me being not too far, watching over your shoulder) that's fine with me. We can take different paths, but they'll all lead to your success.

Ready to grow?

"Catherine was incredibly prepared for our discussion and started right off with things I could improve on with my website, etc. all to bring me more traffic and improve my mailing list numbers. My main focus for the call was to discuss ideas around drumming up P.R. for myself and she was filled with innovative and wonderful suggestions tailored right for my work and audience. The time went by fast and I had TONS of notes by the time it was over! I've been able to implement the things she suggested and have a plan to implement the P.R. strategies we discussed. Catherine even emailed me some other ideas she'd come up with the next morning! I was very impressed at how invested she was and how much she cared. Her suggestions weren't just for ANYONE, they were specific to me and my goals. I highly recommend her services."

- Megan Carty, Artist at megancartyart.com