Spending your days in the studio with little to no visibility or sales is not an art career, it’s a one-way ticket to losing your creativity, your drive and ultimately, your passion.

You know your life’s purpose, and that purpose is to make an impact, change lives and connect with others.

The good news is that success is closer than you think and it is beautiful!

Let’s stop thinking that promoting yourself is bad for your art and that starving is good. It’s not. Success fuels your creativity and gives you the energy and validation to do more and better.

So what’s keeping you from that success? You need a plan and you need to follow-through on that plan. 

Ready to grow?


"Experiencing coaching with Catherine was the best decision I've made as a full time artist. It was a financial decision, but I can say without a doubt she is worth every single penny and more. The skills I learnt with Catherine have sent me up for a life time as a professional artist. I learnt that sales and marketing AND my art practice are equally important. I struggled with this idea initially, but Catherine has dispelled any negative stories I was telling myself. Now I feel confident, empowered even, to sell my own work. I gained so much confidence and knowledge with Catherine. She is a true entrepreneur, who has a deep understanding of what it takes to be a professional artist. Unlike some 'professionals' Catherine really understands how an artists mind works, this was hugely important to me and I believe part of the secret to her success. After every phone call I felt inspired and motivated to really take action. I knew that only I could make it happen, but Catherine cleverly made me feel none of it was 'too hard'. If you're thinking about investing in Catherine but unsure whether to make the financial commitment, all I can say is DO IT! You won't regret it, there can't be a better art adviser out there, she really is amazing. No one teaches you all that stuff about the business side of being an artist. I've done a Bachelors and Masters in Fine Art and didn't learn ANY of the skills Catherine taught me. I'm going to really miss her over the next few months as I carry with my artistic journey. But I often think about Catherine’s wise words when I'm making art business decisions. I know I'll carry those teachings with me for many years. I can't thank her enough!" - Nicola Bennett , Artist at www.nicolabennett.co.nz

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"Catherine’s customized approach was exactly what I needed.  She provided me with actionable ideas that I had never considered that proved to be new revenue streams. The first two months of a unique workshop that I created is almost full, which doubles my instruction income with half the time and effort invested.  I have more time and resources to create my own original artwork for galleries and exhibitions. Most importantly, I now have a flexible strategic and tactical plan which keeps me focused on my goals. Catherine is responsive, knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic, and fun to work with.  I recommend her to any artist who is serious about increasing his/her art business." - Norma Torti, Artist at normatortifineart.com

“Catherine has helped me grow my business and opportunities. She helped me set goals, focusing my time on areas where we can really make changes happen. While working with Catherine, I went from having a part-time day job to transitioning to working full time on my art! I now have structure and future stability which is giving me more confidence to expand as an artist. I’ve chosen to work more with Catherine as I’m constantly learning from her.” - Hannah Adamaszek, Artist at hannahadamaszek.com/