Wow, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at The Artist Entrepreneur HQ!! I’m so grateful for the new cohort of talented and driven artists who have joined The LAB and who are ready to take their business and life to the next level.

I know you are committed to growing your art practice (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be following me) so I thought that today, I would share with you three simple steps to help you set yourself up for success this spring!!

Yes, it’s already spring! Hopefully, this new season is inspiring you to take action and reach new heights in your art business.

Here it goes…

1) Visualize your desired outcomes.

I’ve noticed that when I talk about goal setting, many of you get back to me saying you’ve tried and failed at it BIG TIME. I’m always surprised to hear that, because there is no winning or losing at goal setting, it’s merely a tool to help you stay focused on your end-game and inform your decision-making process. If this is you, then I suggest you practice letting go of judgment when you do this exercise and instead focus on your desired outcomes.

Get started by setting a date, let’s say June 30 for the sake of this convo, and picture yourself on journaling about your progress and wins over the last three months. What is making you proud? What happened in your business that moved the needle? Get clear on 1, 2 or 3 (no more please) desired outcomes for the next 90-days, write those down and put them somewhere you can see them every day.

2) Identify your gaps.

Visualizing and writing down your desired outcomes will take you so far. You’ll also need to take action on them. So what’s been keeping you from taking action in the past? Is it because you lacked strategy or training? (If you said yes to this, then make sure to read until the end because my surprise is for you.) Is it because you need accountability? Is it because you keep self-sabotaging yourself every time there is a chance you’ll get closer to the success that you want? Be honest with yourself and figure out what’s been missing from the equation and commit to taking the necessary steps to fill in the gaps that are keeping you from reaching new heights.

3) Focus on what you control.

When you get down to it, there are only two things that we control, what we do and what we think, and those are the only two things we should focus on, period. Why waste any energy on things we can’t control? It’s the most efficient way to lose your motivation and entrepreneurial mindset! If you notice that you tend to find a bunch of reasons why things won’t work for you, then go back to your desired outcomes and identify one thing you can do to get closer to the results that you want today, and take action.

It’s as simple as that.

I hope this post has motivated you to set yourself up for success this spring! Now that I’ve given you tips and tools, the rest is up to you!!

What will success look like for you this spring?


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